Have you thought about studying in Spain? You can stay in Spain as a resident  for a period over 90 days and below one year if you are going to carry out one of the following activities:

  • Studying or broadening your training at an authorized center, within the frame of a complete full-time program that will provide you with a school certificate or title.
  • Research activities or training activities provided they are not an occupational activity.
  • You can obtain a study permit if you are part of a mobility program for secondary school students at an officially recognized centre.
  • Internships, provided they are not occupational, in a public or private entity.
  • Or if you register at a volunteer program that pursues objectives of general interest
Documentation for your stay visa

What do you have to request?

You must request a study visa in person before Spain’s Consulate or Embassy in your country.

Documentation needed for your visa:

  • Fill in the Official Request Form (you will find it at http://extranjeros.mtin.es)
  • Passport  or travel document valid in Spain and valid for the period of study.
  • If you are underage, your parents’ or guardian’s authorization, except if you come to Spain accompanied.
  • You must guarantee that you have the necessary money to cover the costs of your stay and your return to your country as well as those of the members of your family, if they come with you.
  • You must have a public insurance or a private insurance for illnesses and your insurance company must have some arrangement with an insurance company in Spain.

If you are going to stay for more than six months you must also submit the following documentation:

  • Health certificate
  • If you are above the minimum age for criminal responsibility, you must submit a certificate that says you do not have a criminal record in your country of residence, as of the last five years, for crimes stipulated as such under Spanish legislation.

In addition, depending on the activity for which you request your stay:

  • You must submit the documentation that says you have been admitted at the study centre, university, private or public institution to pursue your studies, research or non-occupational internship.  
  • Should you come to Spain as a volunteer, you must submit the agreement with the entity that leads the program. (The document must include a description of the activities that you will carry out as well as the conditions thereof, schedule, available resources to cover your trip, maintenance and accommodation during your stay as well as an insurance, which covers its own public liability within the scope of its activities.
How long am I authorized to stay in Spain with my study visa?

The duration of your stay will equal the duration of the activity you will carry out, with a maximum limit of one year.

You can request an extension of your stay if you still meet the conditions you were asked to meet at the beginning and if you certify that you have passed your exams or that your research is progressing.

You can request an extension 60 days before your study visa expires, but you will have to pay an economic sanction.

What do I need to do once I have been granted the visa?

Once the embassy anounces you that you have been granted your visa you have two months to collect it. Otherwise you will lose it.

If the duration of your stay exceeds six months, you must request the Foreigner Identity Card in one month time since the entry in Spain.

Can I bring my family with me with a study visa?

You can be accompanied by some of your family members during your stay in Spain with your study visa request. Your partner and children below 18 years old or children with a disability that are not objectively capable of providing their own needs. They must also request a visa to enter and stay in Spain for the period you have been authorized to stay.

In order to bring a family member with you, you will be asked to meet the following criteria:

  • Having the economic means to support your family
  • Giving evidence that the members are related
  • If the stay exceeds 6 months: Health certificate, Criminal Records Certificate as of crimes stipulated as such under Spanish legislation for the last five years. They must also request the Foreigner Identity Card in Spain within one month since the arrival.

Your family will not be entitled to work in Spain with this kind of visa. T

Can I work with a study visa in Spain?

Yes, you can work, provided that your work is compatible with your studies, research or volunteering and provided that the retribution you receive for that work is not the only income you have to support your stay in Spain.

You will have to request the subsequent work permit for such a thing and meet the criteria needed to obtain it.

“You can request a study visa to reside in Spain and you will be entitled to stay for a minimum of 90 days and a maximum of a year”.

“You can work and study at the same time in Spain provided your job does not affect your study times and provided the money you are paid for your work is not your sole economic support”.

“If you are illegally residing in Spain you cannot request your study visa because you must request it before Spain’s consulate in your country”.


(Immigration website for the Labor Ministry of Spain- Portal de inmigración del Ministerio de Empleo de España)


The Aliens Act acknowledges certain rights, some are limited to be enjoyed only by people with a residence permit in Spain, some are detached from the foreigner's administrative situation. Some of the most important rights are the following:
  • Education. All foreigners under 18 years old have the right and the obligation to an education on the same terms as Spaniards. This right includes access to compulsory education, obtainment of academic qualifications and access to a public system of grants and scholarships. They will also have a right to access non-compulsory secondary education regardless of their administrative situation. 
  • Free legal assitance. Should you need legal assistance to attend a trial, you can request a public defender and benefit from a free justice if you previously justify you lack the economic resources to pay for a private one. 
  • City registration. It is an administrative record where all neighbours belonging to a certain district or council are registered. Non-Community foreigners must renew it every two years, unless they are holders of a long-term residence permit.
  • Health. You must have a resident permit or work and residence permit to be granted this service. If you are staying irregularly this right extends only to assistance in emergency units. Minors and pregnant women also have this right granted until medical discharge.  
  • Translator. If you do not understand or speak Spanish, you are entitled by law to ask for an interpreter that translates into a language you can understand for the spanish legal services.


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