You are legally working in Spain and you have decided it is time for your couple, children or dependent members of your family to come live with you in Spain. Under Spanish aliens regulations foreigners are entitled to reunite family members.

Who can reunite their family members?

A whole year of legal residence in Spain is requested, as well as having a residence permit valid for at least an extra year.

In order to reunite ascendants (partner’s mother or father) you must be a long-term resident in Spain or in any other Member State of the European Union (EU) or have the EU blue card.

Which family members are eligible for a reunification?

  1. The spouse (husband or wife). Provided the marriage has not been illegally celebrated.
  2. If the solicitor of the reunification proves they are in a relationship with their partner.  If you have a document that certifies that you are registered on a registered partnerships record.
  3. Your children or your partner’s children, adopted children included, under 18 years old or disabled, provided they are not married.
  4. Any minor under 18 or disabled, if you are their legal representative.
  5. Your mother or father or your partner’s provided they are over 65 and provided you certify they depend on you in economic terms. Reunification can be authorized exceptionally, for humanitarian reasons, for parents under 65.

How can family reunification be requested?

  • A copy of the solicitor’s and family member subject to reunification’s valid passport, travel document or registration document
  • Documents that certify family relationship
  • Request form (
  • You must fill in a document
  • You must go to your Aliens Office and submit a competent request in person for processing.

You must prove that you have a job/income that suffices to cover your family needs. You can bring family members depending on your income for 2016. It is measured with an index called IPREM that is fixated at 532 monthly euros in 2016. .

  • 2 people 798,76 € (150%IPREM)
  • 3 people 1.065,01€ (200% IPREM)
  • 4 people 1.331,26€ (250% IPREM)
  • 5 people 1597,51€ (300% IPREM)
  • Per additional person+ 266,25 (+ 50% IPREM)
  • Document that certifies you have an adecquate house that meets the needs of the family members you wish to reunite. Remember that, in order to calculate your income to know how many family members you can bring, you must deduct your rent or mortgage from your salary.

If you are going to reunite your partner or spouse you must submit an affidavit swearing you do not reside with another spouse or partner in Spain. If the reunification solicitor  has a long-term residence permit-EU the family member himself/herself can request the reunificiation.

What steps must your family members take?

Since the moment reunification is authorized, your family members have two months to collect in person the visa before Spain’s embassy or consulate in the country where they reside.

  • Ordinary passport or travel document, valid for Spain and for a minimum of 4 months.
  • Criminal records certificate or equivalent document as for the last 5 years, if the family member subject to reunification is of age.
  • Original documentation proving family relationship or registered partnership.
  • Health certificate. (Not suffering from an illness that may have serious public health implications according to the International Health Regulations).

During the visa processing the solicitor’s presence may be requested, if deemed necessary, in order to interview him. If the family member you wish to reunite is illegally residing in Spain the admission of the visa request will be denied for that reason. Once the visa is obtained, your family member must reunite with you in Spain in less than three months. Once they are in Spain they have one month to request their Aliens Identity Card.

What are the duration and effects of a temporary residence visa issued by virtue of a family reunification?

  • Reunification is a temporary residence for your family members and it is valid as long as you have a residence card or until the expiration date if you have a long term residence permit or long term EU residence permit.


“It is necessary to have legally resided in Spain for a year and to have a residence permit for an extra year as a minimum in order to request family reunification”.

“You can request your spouse’s or domestic partner’s reunification, your children’s and your partner’s children as well as your parents’ and your partner’s parents provided they are more than 65 years old and they are dependent on you.”

“In order to bring each family member you must prove that you can financially support them and that you have adequate housing for them”.


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